Tuesday, 24 October 2017

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Arts trip

I wanna tell you about my arts trip well it's a really long story but here we go. First we lined up at the bus we were going to the art centre I was confused which team I was in 5 minutes later yay I finally found my team but I was a bit disappointed because the team wasn't as good as I expected and then the bus arrived we all got in I was hoping I would get window seat and guess what I got a window seat and what was even better there was no one beside me but then someone came along and started annoying me and then we started moving and then I looked out the window this someone started talking to me and I didn't like it . I just wanted to enjoy the view outside 10 minutes later we finally arrived at the art centre. We all got out of the bus with our teams and then the whole class went to see the bull on the piano and most people took Photos but I didn't bring My iPad and then we went inside the art centre we all sat down on the floor and the floor was really warm 15 minutes later yay we can finally explore but we had to stay with our team's first we saw a tier hanging from a rope…………………………………….
And the we saw some  chairs with light blobs going through them and then we saw some boring stuff the kind of stuff like paintings boring stuff for kids and very entertaining for adults and then we went to the kids area and there this thing that had lots of different colours on it and you could spin it around and then we saw 3 lego bricks…………………………….
and then we went to a window and you could see a Maori thing and the we saw a awesome spider web made out of gold chains and then we all went back to the space where our bags were and then we all had morning tea and after that we went to Margaret Mahy playground and me Jonti Oliver T Jack Noah and Jasiah and Gabby all played tag on the first round of tag Gabby was in she counted to 20 I climbed up to the slide 3 minutes later I went down the slide because Gabby wasn't coming up and then I saw Oliver he wasn't in and then we saw 
We ran as fast as we could up the hill and then someone gave up chasing us and then we started a new round. And this time Jack was in Jack counted to 20 and I ran up the hill to the slide and then I saw Jack running. 
He was chasing Noah. And then Jack tagged Noah. And Oliver came to me and then we called out to Jack and Jack saw us he climbed up to the slide. We didn't know where the someone was. And then Noah followed Jack and when Noah was half way up to the slide someone came along and Noah went down but then we started a new round and then Kiri Blew the whistle so we all had to go back and kiri said we were going to the dance mat so we all got in a our groups and I went to the toilet and then we head off  to the dance mat we were going by foot. and we took a few photos on the way 30 minutes later we finally made it to the dance mat but the dance mat was broken so we all went back to school.

 So we started this thing called music drama and dance and first I did music and we had to find things that make sound in the classroom in my team I had Megan Edward and Niko and we decided that I would play the drums because I actually go to drum lessons and I really can't remember what the others played and then we created tune and then we all went inside and shared our tunes to everybody else and I can't remember who but someone recorded all the music a few days later ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….……………………………..
We did the music drama and dance 
And this time I was doing drama there's not much to talk about drama so we went out onto the field and first we were a bell arena and I twould and jumped looking like shush an idiot and then we were a robot and I didn't really do much for that one and then we went inside and that was the end of music drama and dance.

Kiri showed us some things that we could make for our calendar art she show us a fruit bowl and a guy  surfing but you didn't have to do those they were just ideas Iike I tried a to do a guy skateboarding I drawed a rap and then I tried to draw the human on the skateboard but it was super bad!!!!!!!!
So I did something else ok this might sound super weird but then I drawed the symbol of Martial arts in China 3 of them and then I drawed loads of shapes around them and I actually thought it was ok so I went to kiri but she didn't  it allow it but then she showed me some flowers and then I tried to draw a flower but it looked liked like it was evil but then I saw Jasiah’s one his was awesome it was like a dragon and I wanted to do that so I looked up dragon images and I found the dragon that was just perfect for me and then I drawed it and to this day it is amazing.

My photo
I chose this because I think that the heart of Waimairi School is the teachers and kids talking and learning with each other. Why because teachers and kids help each other encourage each other and they learn 

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